Magna Mirrors SPRS
For scoring guidelines, see the Magna Mirrors Supplier Quality Requirements Manual.
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Supplier Performance Reporting System

Supplier Login

To access your performance report, enter your supplier ID and supplier password, then press the Login button. Please note that your password is case-sensitive (i.e. upper- and lower-case matters).



Submission process for review of "Supplier Performance Report" concerns

The content and accuracy of the Supplier Performance Reporting System (SPRS) is critical to the effectiveness of the Magna Mirrors/Supplier relationship.  Input concerning incorrect information on your monthly report should be submitted using the "SPRS Concern Form" (refer to the links to the left).

Report concerns must be submitted no later than the 15th day of the month after the report (e.g. June report concerns must be submitted by July 15).

If you have problems accessing your report (i.e user-id or password problems), please send an e-mail to the appropriate contact person below.

Magna Mirrors USA - (
Magna Mirrors deMexico - (
Magna Electronics - Jamie Flewwelling (
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